The Bone Merchants Farewell Show

13 Jul 2018 BNE, Queensland (AU) Free


Time : 19:30
Venue : The Milk Factory
Address : 48 Montague Road, South Brisbane QLD 4101
State : Queensland

The Bone Merchants are hanging up their hats, but rather than going quietly into the night, they’ll be celebrating their demise in rip-roaring fashion with a final send-off at the Milk Factory on July 13th.

Joining them on the night are local legends Soupy LaRue and Jimmy Watts Band.

The Bone Merchants are a 6 piece outfit from Brisbane that weave dark saloon-style country crossed with raucous vaudevillian folk. Baritone vocals meld with Morricone-style guitar and brass, with the junkyard clang of the rhythm section.
A self described ‘Punktrist’, Soupy LaRue may or may not be of this earth. He doesn’t experience time the same way as you and I and he might be in two places at once.

He is like a force of nature; impossible to predict, incredibly destructive, and totally oblivious. It might seem that Soupy LaRue is a part of some great universal organisation, or a higher power, but no one has claimed him, and he claims no affiliation to any particular group.
Jimmy Watts is a soulful, grass roots, traveling blues-man.

He’s got a heart as big as Phar Lap’s that he pours out every night into a microphone, a guitar and a harp. He’s raw, intense, and leaves nothing in reserve when he’s on the boards.

His self taught finger-picking style is a furious assault on the long beaten and bloodied bodies of his acoustics, slides, electric and banjo. And his gravely, smoke filled vocals and roaring harmonicas only add insult to their injuries.